My shareware games(first release - 1999, 5 games in zip). Download, unzip and run it

The screenshots from this games



Renex III

Scarlet Grains

Funny Money

screenshot of cover for cd with bundle of this games

This is my work in "Evolution of stars"(Exoplanets online) project
in red labeled interface widgets, that I develop in Unreal Engine 4 in Editor and on c++ code in MS Visual Studio.

This is a result of work of my software program, that produce abstract clips(AVI, mpeg) from procedural generated pictures that morphs each other and cohere with procedural sequenced music. This generator is example of using a mathemtical skills in tensor calculus and linear algebra.

Another result, that produce my procedural Render/Texture Generator. This example of mixing four instances of procedurally generated textures: Perlin Noise, modifications of Voronoi diagram .

This is example of my geometric software in area of Artificial Intellectuality on C# and wpf - technology,
that allow embed 3D animation in window form of application (in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010)